Sunday, September 25, 2011

Open House

Thank you to everyone who came to open house, it was fabulous!!! The band Moonlight Mile was excellent, I thought. The violin and guitar together were relaxing and entertaining. I enjoyed seeing clients outside of the normal appointment setting and meeting new people.  I hope you all met our new employees Michelle and Katie and learned something new about our clinic or about veterinary medicine.

If anyone has a burning question about veterinary medicine, or the clinic or me, please ask it here as it will guide me better in what to write about.

For the first time at our open house we had our laser out and Michelle was educating everyone on how it works. I wanted to mention that I just read an article in a recent veterinary publication about Laser Therapy. As many of you know we added Laser therapy to the practice in May.

Current research on lasers confirms that a specific wavelength of coherent light does indeed take away pain and heal tissue. Wavelengths from the mid 700's to the low 900's nanometers (nm) prove to penetrate the deepest and units with power of lower wattage (500 mW or less) can be applied directly to the skin thus delivering a measurable dose of light directly to the underlying tissues. Machines of high power, over 500 mW (some are 10 and 12 Watts) cannot touch the skin directly, must be moved constantly and risk damaging tissue. 

I am so proud to say that after months of research I purchased a low power laser with wavelength production of 808 and 905 nm.  This means treatments are safe and effective.

All dogs and cats with knee, elbow and hip arthritis and pain are great candidates for this treatment. It is possible they can be maintained with laser treatment alone and not have to use drugs for pain.

I'll sign off for now.

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