Monday, June 24, 2013

Whole Pet Technician Tips for helping dogs through Fireworks!

  1. As the owner it is best if you do not get excessively emotional or coddling to a pet that is anxious, it may make them feel insecure with you as their protector. Instead act calm and confident as though nothing at all is awry.
  2. Keep your pet in a dark room that is furthest away and most protected from firework noise. Or, allow them to go into a closet or under a table where they feel safe.
  3. Play music moderately loud. Play something that the pet has heard played in the house before, a favorite CD.
  4. Apply a pheremone collar (Adaptil) or install room pheremone diffusers several days before and after July 4th.
  5. Place a “ThunderShirt” to help calm your pet (available for both cats and dogs). A snug piece of clothing may have the same effect.
  6. Put Bach flower essence “Rescue Remedy” for pets in their water and around the house.Or try "Harmonese" herbal supplement beginning one week before fireworks.

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