Sunday, May 22, 2011


Bikram yoga changed my life. I have said this many times, and it is true. Bikram Choudhury put together of sequence of 26 Hatha postures and began to teach them in a 105F room. The claim is that this sequence systematically works all parts of the body including internal organs, veins, ligaments and muscles. The heat is intended to warm the body to make it malleable and to sweat out toxins. After my first class several years ago I was hooked and within a month I felt completely different. My core strength had improved and my stress level had dramatically decreased. Then I moved to Salem, Bikram.

All types of yoga have the ability to change us. I like yoga that provides exercise but at the same time is a meditation. Meditation because when our mind is calm and open we can accomplish goals we once thought impossible. Part of this meditation is control of the breath which leads to control of the mind. When you are in control of your mind and emotions you have great power to go into the world and be successful.

Yoga also helps maintain a healthy flow of energy in the body. The result for me has been improved physical and mental health.

I was so excited to find "Hot Yoga" just next door to the clinic at Simply Blissed! While not the 26 Bikram style poses, the Hatha poses are led in a 100+F room and the experience is similar. The classes are packed, which shows you there is something to this yoga. It leaves one feeling so darn good.

Anyway, it got me wondering about how animals meditate and if they need meditation. I suppose they are much less affected by the stress of money and reputation than we are. Perhaps the sunbathing of my cat under the most beautifully blooming flowers is his meditation. A colleague of mine believes dogs walk to meditate or meditate on their walk. Exercise does seem to balance most dogs.

I am sure everyone has heard of Doga? Yoga with your dogs...anyone up for starting this in Salem????

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