Monday, June 20, 2011

Laser Therapy for Pets

I am very excited about a new treatment that I am using: LASER therapy.  Often there are patients that have pain or inflammatory conditions that no drug will help or they will not allow acupuncture or take herbs or supplements.  In the past there was  nothing left to offer them.  Now I am employing my therapy laser for just such cases.

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  It sounds scary but it is basically light created by manipulating photons and using reflection to make  uniform beams of “light”.  There are different powers of lasers, everything from the low power like laser pointers to surgical cutting lasers.

Many therapy lasers are high power, however my unit is lower powered providing an unparalleled  level of safety for patients. What is amazing about this class of lasers is that there are essentially no harmful side effects (as long as you do not point the beam into the eye through the pupil). 

But even more amazing are its benefits. Scientific study has determined that there is a narrow band of wavelengths of light, known as the near infrared, that is absorbed by 2 important tissues in the body and result in healing.  These wavelengths of light are not visible by the human eye! They are between 780-950 nm.

Once the light wave is absorbed by the particular cell structures, one is a component of mitochondria and the other is hemoglobin, the energy production of the cell is turned on. In some cases direct gene stimulation occurs and a cascade of healing mediators ensues.  The laser does not heal, but rather turns on the tissue cells so they may heal themselves. The most notable and documented effect is control and elimination of pain, like arthritis pain. 

Scientific study is ongoing, but the general feeling is that there is no limit to what light can heal.  The trick is to know what wavelength to use and how much power to apply and for how long. 

One thing is for sure, it treats pain with no side effects. I have used it on my painful plantar fasciitis and get immediate pain relief.  I have been able to relieve painful mouth inflammation in 2 dogs and improve arthritis in a cat.  We have only just begun! It is not a panacea, and it requires an absolute diagnosis, but the applications will be many.

Treats pain, inflammation, infection, edema, wounds, and most likely many medical conditions.
Non-invasive, non-painful
No negative side effect
Treatment times may be very short
Can be applied where nothing else has worked
May be able to get patient off pain medications
Works with medications for better result or so that medications can be reduced

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