Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Laser and local honey save Max's foot!

Max is Whole Pet Veterinary Care's "Featured Pet" for May and June. Just a few months ago Max had a severe reaction and abscess on his front foot. It became necrotic and he was unable to walk. After surgical debriding of wound,
Top of paw after surgical debridement
Bottom of paw after debriding

Bottom of paw 8 days later
we applied low level laser to the wound bed.The laser dramatically shortened healing time, is anti-bacterial and relieves pain.  In addition the wound was bandaged with a dressing of local honey. Honey is antibacterial and nourishes the healing tissue. All of us at Whole Pet were in awe of how quickly the foot healed.
Top of paw 8 days later

During the whole process Max patiently and bravely let us perform all treatments. He was sad and painful for a while but now he is back to his happy, cuddly self. We love him so much. He is a pleasure to have at our clinic.

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