Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tech Tips - Reducing allergens in your home and on your pet!

5 tips for reducing the allergen content in your home and on your pet
  1. Wipe your dog or cat down with a clean damp towel when they return from outside. Focus on the face, nose and ears, all 4 legs and paws and the underbelly.
  2. Wash their bedding once a week. Wash in water at least 140°F with one rinse.
  3. Dust house to remove pollen, then vacuum regularly to keep dust mite and pollen levels down  Keep your pet out of the vacuumed room for 15 minutes while the dust settles.
  4. Give a fish source of omega-3-fatty acid daily.
  5. Use AAAAI to monitor pollen counts in Oregon and prepare in advance:

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